Resonoiva story

RESONOIVA design is a brand of Aistipaja Resonoiva Oy, based in Espoo, Finland. Aistipaja offers occupational therapy services targeted for sensory disabled children. RESONOIVA design extends the therapy scope to related multisensory technology development, consulting and concept design.

Originally, RESONOIVA design Oy was founded in 2013 as a design service company specializing in the opportunities offered by new technology in user interfaces and applications. The founder,  Dr. Jukka Linjama, has worked in technology development as a researcher in VTT, specialist in Nokia’s technology unit, and as CTO and co-founder of Finnish startups Senseg and Flexound.

In 2015, Resonoiva made a strategic decision to focus entirely on the productization of  its patented innovation, Taikofon Therapy Cushion concept that provides a new way to enjoy sound as a multisensory experience. The company gained more shareholders and changed its name to reflect its new growth trajectory and focus. Thus, Flexound Systems Oy was born, continuing the development of audio-tactile cushion devices towards multi-sensory audio solutions integrated into furniture, movie theaters, and vehicles.

RESONOIVA design as  brand name  was acquired by Aistipaja Resonoiva Oy, established in 2016 by Mirja and Jukka Linjama. After completing duties in 2024 with audio-tactile solutions in Flexound, Resonoiva now continues with the multi-sensory innovation effort with a wider scope: developing a sensory room concept that is targeted for every-day mindful work and relaxation.

Resonoiva’s expertise lies in multi-sensory interface design, such as the use of audio and haptic content in combination with visual content (lighting, video) for a holistic experience. We aim at the user experience that goes beyond mere ease-of-use and usability: solutions that resonate with the user.