We: about Resonoiva

RESONOIVA design offers digital design services and consulting for companies that target their products to be both accessible and fun to use. We aim at the user experience that goes beyond mere ease-of-use and usability: solutions that resonate with the user.

Modern consumer devices can see, hear and feel the user. For instance, touch and motion sensing capabilities are increasinly used in game applications. However, as web browsers can gradually utilize mobile device sensing capabilities, new interactive features become possible also for ordinary, everyday applications and digital services. Resonoiva´s specialty lies in multi-sensory approach to design, with focus on 3-D sound and haptic interaction design.

RESONOIVA design Oy started in 2013 as a privately held design service company based in Espoo, Finland. Resonoiva’s founder, Dr Jukka Linjama has 25+ years of experience in technology research, corporate R&D in Nokia, and as CTO and technologist roles in the leading haptic technology startup, Senseg Oy.

In 2015, Resonoiva got more partners and decided to switch its name to Flexound Systems Oy. This change reflects the new growth focus of the company: Development of FeelSound player devices and services that will provide a new way to enjoy sound as a multisensory experience. Visit and to see how Resonoiva story continues inside Flexound!

What’s new –

From May 2015 on, RESONOIVA design continues as a sub-brand and design entity inside Flexound Systems Oy. Resonoiva offers external acoustical engineering services and creates design alliances that support and fit to Flexound Systems’s main business.

The multi-sensory listening device Taikofon concept that Resonoiva created is now matured to an exciting product —  Taikofon Therapy FeelSound player. Shipments in Finland started on June 2015. Check for availability, and extensions of the Taikofon product family soon to come!


Our digital life is getting more and more challenging. This is largely because of the increasingly fast introduction of new features to products. Too many features at once is not good — most people feel frustrated while facing such complex products.  The key driver for Resonoiva design is to seek simplicity, and hide complexity.

Hiding complexity is not easy, but becomes possible with careful design. With modern technology it is possible to implement inviting and easily approachable interactive solutions.

Simplicity sells


We know well that specifying and designing products with simplicity in mind as a driver is not straightforward. This is where Resonoiva can help: we provide

  • fresh insight into the latest interactive technologies
  • solid understanding of human constraints for applying the technology

Let’s make the use of modern devices and digital services fun for everybody!